I've heard of some issues

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Brian, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Brian

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    Greetings from tennessee. I have heard of some quality control issues. Some people are posting there are some quality control issues since Remington bought marlin and moved the mfg plant. I've owned several and found them to be one of the best rifles I have owned. I am looking to purchase my daughter her very first 30/30 hunting rifle. Opinions anyone? Looking to buy her a 336.
    I'm thinking the negatives are just some people that are biased against marlin
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  2. oldbrass

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    I`ve heard a lot of that to, However I have no first-hand experience...I`m just glad you have good rifles...I`m even happier your getting your daughter a 30-30...
    I like you already and welcome from Washington state..


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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum Brian !!
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    Ditto. Welcome aboard.
    They can't all be as bad as some say. Fit and finish seems to be the biggest complaint. Look it over good and make your own conclusions. Then work the action to see if it is smooth considering it's new and not broke in.
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! Welcome to the forum Brian.
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    Welcome from Mid-MO Brian. Seeing is believing and if for some reason your daughter's in-coming Marlin doesn't measure up...I bet it'll get taken care of...at your expense of postage if I recall the last "wrongfully issued Marlin lever from a post on this forum is an example of human inattention to detail. A certain someone ended up with rifle that had the wrong cal for the Ser. #, etc and box marking reflecting what it was supposed to be. People do sometimes overlook the obvious, but I wouldn't worry about other critics comments on QC issues unless I knew them personally.
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    Welcome aboard Mate !
    From "down under"
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    Welcome Brian....I haven't handled a new one in over a year so I don't really know if Remington has the QC situation under control yet or not. Any firearm you buy new or used needs to be inspected carefully.

    Since this rifle is going to be a gift a new one might be in order. If I was buying it for myself I'd be looking for a used one from the 1970's. Nice ones can still be found and the quality is hard to beat. JMO