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    OK I haven't kept up with the changes at Marlin and I was wondering what are the minus's of the New "Rem" Marlins? I have a 1974 336C that is a Great Gun. It has one of the Greatest "Store Bought" triggers I have ever shot with a crisp break at 3 lbs but it feels less than that because it is so smooth! With the new Leverevolution ammo it will print some great 100 yds groups that my old 150 gr round nose, even with my hand loads, could only dream of:D So what are the Drawbacks to the "New" Marlins?
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    fit and finish could be a little better and it is getting better. i think some of the problems came from people at Remington not being familiar with building lever action rifles and there was somewhat of a learning curve involved.

    i heard many people complain about how the Remington Marlin X7's were junk nad were not any good. well i can dispute that. i have two X7's, a XS7 in 7mm-08 and a XL7 in 25-06 that were made prior to Remington buying Marlin and i have a XS7VH in 308 that was made after Remington bought them. it shoots just as accurately, made just as well as the other two, so i call bunk on that rumour.

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    One major problem I see is the stigma attached to owning one. Because of the problems they've had, people will always be leary of them.
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    I'd hold off on a new L-A, but jump right into an X7 or XT22, or the 60 or 795...
    The XT's are rocking now...hella better than the 925's that came out from 2005-2011...
    The 60/795's have solved the 3/8" accessory rail issue that plagued 2001-2011 Marlins...

    Lever's need a little more time, they just got that line running again recently, it'll take 'em probably 6 months to get their boogie down...
    after that, should be real nice :)