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Judge Rules against Maryland handgun permit system

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Living in the People's Republic of Maryland, our Governor and State Police will drag this out for years. The liberal Democrats that run my state couldn't fathom the possibility of the citizenry, law abiding citizenry, having the right to carry - unless of course, you're a friend, big political donor, or politician.
i am hoping this gets shut down in appellate court when they file their appeals and the higher court upholds that judges ruling. everyone deserves the right to defend themselves and i agree, the fact the law exists is reason enough and no other reasons need to be put forth. i also hope this gentleman wins his lawsuit against them and if he does, it will help set a precident that people deserve the freedom to arm themselves to be able to defend against someone willing to do harm to them.

hyphen, thanks for posting this information. very good article.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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