Just bought a 336. Did I do good?

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by jvberryjr, Mar 15, 2017.

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    Brand new to lever guns and this forum.

    So I visited my LGS with a $100 gift certificate just looking around for what I could buy. I ran across a used Marlin 336c in 35 Remington for $250. It was immaculate, not a scratch on it! I had never owned a lever gun and knew nothing about them so I left the store to do a quick Google search on their value. Seemed like a good buy, so I took it.

    Since then I have seen that there may have been some problems with some Marlins after being bought out by Remington.

    The SN begins with a 92 and the barrel has a "JM" stamp. I have not fired it yet - should I be concerned? The only possible issue I noticed is that the rear sight leans a little to the left.

    Thoughts are welcome.
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    Welcome to the MARLIN Firearms Forum !!

    Pictures my friend...PICTURES !!

    Can't tell if ya did good from here without them...

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    Welcome to the Forum
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    Howdy, jvberryjr, and welcome to the camp from northeast Indiana. C'mon over here and have a set-down on this here block of ash by the fire. Help yourself to the coffee. It's in the pot. So you got a JM stamped Marlin in .35 Remington for $150.00 American and a gift certificate and you're wondering about it. Hmm, I'd not have to wonder very long unless there is something drastically wrong inside the rifle's guts. I'd rather have a .35 Remington than a .30-30 anyday. I did notice a most serious lack of pictorial evidence of this Marlin 336 in the .35 Remington chambering you claim to own. We really like gun porn here and Marlin porn is the top shelf stuff for which we lust in so mightily a manner.


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    Welcome to the forum my friend! Enjoy yourself.
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    I own a marlin 336 in 3030 winchester. It works pretty well.
    Regarding the price, 250$ seems to me just incredible.

    In Europe, a Marlin 336c - new- worth 1000$ in a licenced firearm dealer....