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Just registered. I've inherited a couple of Marlins and looking to sell

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I've done a little research but am far from an expert. One is a 336LTS 30-30, the other is a Model 1894 .357 magnum. Both have JM stamp. I guess they only made a few thousand of the LTS. Both appear to be in pristine condition. I know my dad never shot them.
I put them up on gun broken but my opening bid must be too high because though there are many "followers" no one is bidding. Any idea what a fair price would be? I'll include a few pics
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It was my impression that the sky's the limit on gun prices these days. You must've been way up there in the stratosphere for the public to reject an official "jm" Marlin at any price.

That said, I would think that those kinds of leverguns could fetch $1000 or more.

Great looking firearms, BTW.
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If you start them out at a bit less than $1000 ea., Say like $949, that should get the pump primed, and the bids will start coming in.IMHO. best wishes.
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