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Hi all,
I am going to be new to Texas soon. Anyone know what the learning curve is for transforming from an Illinoiance and Iowegian? I live on the IA/IL border and am movin to Texas soon. Tyler will be where I settle. I have heard about the "Hill Country" and that it is great hog hunting country. Ok, I want to go there...where is it?

I just sighted in my new Marlin 3030 and so far it is lookin good. I won't say I had OMG good groups but they weren't bad. They'll do on hogs and deer. Hope I meet some of ya in person sometime. I hear Texas is so dang big ya have to call twice for long distance. I wrote this yesterday so some of you may not get this til tomorrow. Let me know if you dont get it. I will bring ya a copy when I get there.
welcome to the forum Hombe243. i live in East Texas, just about 55 miles south of Tyler, and the humidity in the summer can be bad sometimes.

the "Hill Country" is more west outside of the Austin area in Central Texas. very nice country to travel and hunt in. don't worry, we have many, many hogs in East Texas too!

with the right ammo, that 336 in 30-30 will do just fine on the hogs.

Texas is big! second largest with Alaska being the largest. i remember one time driving from Palestine to El Paso and it taking about 14 hours of driving time to get there.
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