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I'll try to answer your question. I've loaded for over 40 years and my current set-up is pretty simple. If you want to see the most simple set-up, visit a Bench Rest Shoot Competition if one comes to your area. They keep it simple. They can load off of their pick-up tail gate.
Almost any single stage press will work. I have an old Lyman C that works fine.
I would recommend 2-3 Loading Manuals + On-Line Load Data. Used to compare loads.
A set of Dies. Carbide is best but hardened steel works OK if you lube your cases.
1 - Size & De-Prime.
Press + Dies + Lube Pad + Water Base Lube. (lube not required with Carbide Dies)
2 - Case Prep;;
You can spend $75 - $100 for a Lathe Type Trimmer.
I prefer using an Odd Lots Battery Drill and the Lee Case Trimmer System.
I'll give more details about the process if you ask. I have a RCBS Lathe Trimmer that I never use.
Oops, forgot; Case Neck De-burring Tool.
3 - Prime the Case;
I have a Lee Auto Primer but I normally use the Primer Arm on my press.
I do not use a Primer Pocket Reamer. I feel that it deforms the Pocket. I have a set (3 pc.) Pocket Uniforming Cutters. These cutters clean the pocket and cut it to factory specs. I also use a Flash Hole De-Burring Tool but that is optional.
4 - Powder Charge;
I prefer the Balance Scales. I use an Ohaus but most any will work. (I have a Lee Powder Scales but I don't use it and I'm not sold on the design.)( also have a spare RCBS Balance Scales that I don't use.)
I bought a used Ideal #55 Powder Measure but I seldom use it.
I use the Lee Powder Scoops along with the Balance Scales and a Powder Trickler & a funnel. I also use a Reloading Tray.
5 - Seating the Bullet;
I use a set of Dial Calipers to check Case Length and Over-All Length.
Using the Seating Die, set the bullet, seat to desired depth. I prefer to crimp as a separate and final step.
I believe that Lever Guns require a Full Length Size & Case Trim every time, but that's just me.
This is all from memory so if I missed anything, maybe someone will jump in and help.


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As I mentioned above ^^. I prefer the Lee Case Trimmers over the Lathe Style.
They are less expensive and very accurate. ( first time, every time);Search-All+Products
I use an El-Cheap-O Battery Drill that I bought at Odd Lots.
Chuck the Adapter in the drill.
Lock the shell case in the Shell Holder.
Running the drill, Insert the Pilot/Cutter into the case until it stops.
Using the De-Burr Cutter, De-bur the case neck, outside first, inside last.
Using some fine steel wool, polish the case.
I find this to be faster, cheaper and more accurate that using a manual lathe style trimmer. Exact case length is very critical when you get to the crimp stage of the loading process.

JMHO. Grey

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I can agree with your thoughts.
I have used the Lyman "C" press for years. Loaded everything up to and including 30-06. Even converted a few 30-06 into 7.7X58.
However, anything heavier that an 30-06 would put a lot of stress on the ole girl. Magnum rifle cases would be out of the question. A RCBS Rock Crusher or the equivalent would be my choice for heavy work.
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