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Left eye dominance

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I realized something recently. It is actually because of the length of my winchester sxp and the marlin xt. I think I have a left eye dominance situation. The shot gun never seemed to feel correct when sighted in the target with my right eye and the scope on my XT also never felt correct. With shorter barrel rifles, it felt okay but when I point lefty, it does feel a bit more comfortable and correct. I have to get out to the range to test out my theory. Any other right handed people have that issue?
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Don't have that problem, but, there is a simple test that you can do anywhere to determine your eye dominance.
Take you strong hand (right hand if you're right handed) stretched out and point your index finger at a fixed object with both eyes open. Close one eye and then the other. Which ever eye is open with your finger still on the object is the dominate eye.
Another way is to hold both hands out and form a circle with your index fingers and your thumbs. With both eyes open, fix the circle on an object. Slowly drawn the circle back to the eye that keeps the object within the circle.
Either way is simple and effective.
Hope this helps.
Lol! I was sitting in the livingroom trying out your tests. My wife was watching me from the kitchen and came in to see if I had finally lost my mind!! I guess if you didn't know what someone was doing it would look kinda weird!
I just did the test too. I am also left eye dominant. But it has never bothered me to shoot right handed. Gumpy, my wife also asked what the heck I was doing. Lol
Isn't learning new things fun??? :p :eek:
Did both testS per greyhawk's instructions ....... I'm all "RIGHT" ...........:cool:
I'm right handed, but left eye dominant. I shoot a long gun left handed, but I shoot a handgun right handed using my left eye. I'm a retired police officer and always had the highest scores during qualifications, so it does work. Here's a short video on how to determine what eye is your dominant eye. There's tons more on YouTube. [ame][/ame]
I am also left eye Dominate but shoot right handed. My right eye is pointed a little more to the left by a few degrees. Shooting a rifle w/a scope has not been a problem. With Open sights I tend to be a little off, but can compensate by adjusting point of aim. When I use a hand gun I use my left eye or will use both eyes. I rarely shoot a shot gun, so I do not know how my left eye dominance affects my aim there.

I know there are things you can do to use your dominate left eye and still shoot right handed, but I am not sure what all of them are. Just know of a couple of them.
Well, it is confirmed. I am left eye dominant. I was at the range today and left handed, I was on my mark. Right handed, I was yup and to the right.
Goodluck, but levers seem to be a good option.
I`m a true lefty hand and eye..
I really haven't noticed an issue using my XT22 righty bolt while shooting lefty. The semi and lever are ok as well. I am curious about my shotgun though. I haven't shot it in about a year. It's rare to find indoor ranges that allow anything but slugs and I am not a fan of slugs.
I'm not aware of any indoor range that will allow shot guns with shot shells.
However, You might check on-line or in the phone book for an outdoor range that has Trap Shooting or Skeet Shooting. Maybe even a Sporting Clays Range that will give you the real hunting experience.

There are 2 Sporting Clays Ranges within 12 miles of my home. A couple more about 30 miles from here. About 50 miles from here is an indoor range that also has outdoor Trap & Skeet.
Don't know where you live but in most states, they are around. Just need to look.
Old thread, but I'm right handed with left eye dominant. Most days I have to close my left eye for a half second, focus with the right and I'm ok to open the left eye. Some days I can switch the focus in my brain without closing the left eye.
Yea, for a while I just always assumed right handed, right eye. I later realized with longer rifles, (my shotgun included), left seemed more natural to shoulder. The left eye discovery came as a result of that.

I shot trap in NJ of all places. I had a great time even though I was using my Winchester SXP defender. Tactical length is definitely is not a good fit for trap but I had a great time. I'm in SC now.
Although I've enjoyed all types of guns for most of my 67 years, shotguns are my favorite. (within range, there's nothing a shotgun can't do)

I struggle with failing eye sight so most of my shotgun & pistol shooting is limited to defensive range. I'm right eye dominant but have a blind spot in the center of my right eye vision. I've converted to left eye shooting for rifles and handguns. Still shoot right handed shotgun but limited to 25 yards or so. Beyond that, a 4" clay bird disappears. Can't hit what you can't see.

Here is my "trusted" ole shotgun. It's a retired police riot gun. Bought it for $300. It is a stainless Beretta 300 (same as the model 301, 302 & 303) and came with a 22" stainless riot barrel. Great for Zombies. Later, I bought a Full Choke 32" Special Trap Barrel and then a 26" Vented Barrel with choke tubes. Bought both barrels for $125 each. So for $550, it will "do it all". I enjoyed shooting Trap, Sporting Clays and Skeet (2K-3K rds./year) for several years before the price of lead shot went thru the roof.


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