Lessons learned gun safety

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  1. FOUR4D4

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    I'm ashamed to admit this but have you ever done anything with your firearms your ashamed of
    First time I was firing my revolver i had my one hand a little to close to the cylinder and felt a rush of air.I didn't get burned or hurt but it taught me a lesson and never again.

    How not to shoot a Revolver

  2. SWO1

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    We never stop learning bud. Just this morning shooting the Taurus 2" .357 I did the same thing. With .38s wasnt any problem. But with the small frame and with .357 took just one round to change by two handed grip. No harm but I did feel it.

  3. Rich1028

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    thanks for the tip.
    I and the wife have glocks...but it's always good to learn something new.
  4. FOUR4D4

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    I have a lesson to tell you about auto handguns.Back a few years ,when I was shooting my Smith SW99 at the range when a ejected 45 brass hit the partition wall between the shooting lane next to me and bounced and landed between my glasses and lower eye lid.OUCH
  5. Shooter

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    That sounds excruciating.
  6. Rich1028

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    my wife and I were shooting at a indoor range for the first time,I was on her left side my empties where going over the wall between us and hitting her.
  7. Gumpy

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    When I was 10, I was using my Grandfathers 16 gauge single shot to squirell hunt. It took both hands to cock the hammer back and I could not let it off without the gun firing. I cocked the gun to shoot at a squirrel and then could not get a shot at it. So I was walking around with a cocked shotgun!! While crossing a 'bobwire' fence, it went off and I killed a fencepost about 2 feet from my head. Lesson learned and never forgotten and passed down to kids and grandkids. I still have that shotgun too.
  8. duster066

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    I function checked an old 12ga pump before I put the butt stock back on. In a very sudden fashion a load of bird shot went into my ceiling. Two lessons learned. Never function check with live ammo! And never function check a partially assembled gun! I'm sure I griped the receiver with my finger through the trigger guard.

    But I do shoot revolvers with my left hand forward of the cylinder barrel gap. Been stung a million times...never bothers me. My left hand is black with soot after a revolver shoot.