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Lever action

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I am looking at getting a lever gun. The 39a is a bit out of my price range. I already have 3 .22lr and a shotgun. I was looking to move up in caliber to possibly a .22wmr or I was looking at 357/38SP. Henry makes a nice lever and I've heard good things about Rossi M92. I am kind of new to firearms but I am hooked. I am not a handgun guy and don't know the kick of 357/38 or .22mag(if any). I know what my Winchester SXP feels like with slugs. My range won't let me to shoot anything else with my SG.

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is this for plinking, hunting, or both? That's where cartridge/caliber comes into play.
If plinking only, handgun cartridges are fine, if hunting is involved,
I would step up to a 30-30 or even more depending on the game.:confused:

Thanks. I am not a hunter. I am a plinker. Perhaps one day I will get to hunting. Thanks for the information.

the general issue with plinking these days is cost of ammo; I would seriously consider reloading if I was in your position.
The 38/357 combo is a great idea, 38's for fun and 357's when you want a little more oomph !! you can use the same dies for both. :cool:
Have a 45-70, thinking about picking up a .357 lever to match up to my SW686. Then read another post and a .45LC revolver might be in order since the cartridge loops in a cowboy holster would be the same and the the .45LC is a legal handgun cartridge for big game in Colorado.
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