Lighter bullets for 30-06

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    Does or has anyone loaded 150 gr or anything lower than 165 gr in 30-06 ? The only thing I could find last year was Hornady, all 165 and bigger. I could not get them the way I liked using Sierra load data. I did get a updated version of the Hornady loading manual and will try those recipes (powder, ect). I love the Sierra 150s in .308. The deer I took last year was with the 30-06. It shot well with the Remington 180s. I could only get them to print around 2" at 75 yards. I was rushed as I got the gun just before the season and had trouble with rings and mounting the scope. Now I know 2-2.5" accuracy is plenty good for deer, but I would like to get better, at least 1". The Savage and Marlin 308 do it with well under 1". In the past when I shot center fire matches at 200,300 and 500 yards NEVER saw anyone with the 06.

    Then again it might be the rifle. Its a 1961 Savage 110. Bore is bright and overall don't think the gun was ever shot much.
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    Stopped at Wal-Mart this morning on the way back from LGS. They had Remington Core-Loks in 150, 165, and 180 gr. Think I will pick up a box of the the 150s. I have the 180s and 165s. will see how they compare. If they shoot good will load up some with Sierra 150s.

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    With today's modern bullets, I use 150's across the board. and most brands within the same velocities are printing very close to each other.
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    I`ve shot 150 factory loads from my -06..they shot fine. I load a 165 sierra for my .308 and -06. But like Johnny-loco said I`ve have no problem with a 150