Loading Bullets Backwards.

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  1. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 Well-Known Member

    I consider this idea to be total insanity. The guy is lucky that he wasn't seriously injured.
    However; the video contains good examples of what to look for concerning high pressure loads.
  2. Nogoat

    Nogoat Well-Known Member

    Good info, thanks!

  3. squirrelhunter

    squirrelhunter Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    I've often wondered what it would do too,now I know :D,thanks.
  4. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    Bugger me !..... almost rediculous

    I love my rifles too much to try this
  5. lingr

    lingr Well-Known Member

    Like the guy said on the video....DO NOT TRY THIS!
    Can't believe anyone would even want to. That's idiotic if you ask me.
  6. straightshooter

    straightshooter Well-Known Member

    I think a better way to test this would have been to use a string to pull the trigger so I could be away from a possible gun blowing up. Personally I wouldn't ever try this.
    I have heard of wad cutter bullets being turned around with supposedly no problems but that is different than a rifle pointed tip round.
  7. Nogoat

    Nogoat Well-Known Member

    That fact the rounds, blew back primers and split cases should be a hint you are living dangerously. It your rifle is not in the best condition or of quality you may be in for injury. I wouldn't subject my toys to that abuse.
  8. SWO1

    SWO1 Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    Most idiots used to keep their crap out of the spotlight. Now they post it on social media for everyone to see. LOL ... how many "REALITY" shows are there highlighting STUPIDITY ?

    The only upside is Hopefully they remove thereselfs from the gene pool without hurting others.
  9. squirrelhunter

    squirrelhunter Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    You think that's bad,these idiots are trying to see how much a Hi Point can handle before it blows up.
  10. straightshooter

    straightshooter Well-Known Member

    Funny morons! I would like to see them try that same ignorance testing with a Glock. I have seen these num nuts doing other videos trying to show how a HighPoint is junk. I don't own a HP but I really think the same testing would show a Glock or any other gun would fail these tests.
    To funny pounding a bolt into the barrel and wonder if the gun will fail. I am waiting to see a Glock comparison test from these funny guys.
  11. squirrelhunter

    squirrelhunter Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    I wonder if they'll ever test a Desert Eagle or LAR Grizzly :rolleyes:.
  12. UncleSarge58

    UncleSarge58 Member

    The ONLY Correct Application for Seating a Jacketed BTSP Bullet Backwards is for Carefully Developed & Loaded SubSonic Rounds to be Used w/ a Suppressor.
    There is a World of Info on This Available OnLine.
    And, There Are Actually Manufacturers of This Type of Round.
    However, Handload Info is a Little Difficult to Find, But, It Can be Found.
    I Personally Have Done a Lot of This Type of Load Development for My .308WIN Bolt Rifle.
    And, Yes it Works Great. Within a Specific Set of Limitations.
    Not for High Power Loads or the Novice.
    But, When Done Properly, Makes a .308 Sound Like a .22 Short!
    Just a Lil Info from someone who's "Been There Done That".
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