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The ONLY Correct Application for Seating a Jacketed BTSP Bullet Backwards is for Carefully Developed & Loaded SubSonic Rounds to be Used w/ a Suppressor.
There is a World of Info on This Available OnLine.
And, There Are Actually Manufacturers of This Type of Round.
However, Handload Info is a Little Difficult to Find, But, It Can be Found.
I Personally Have Done a Lot of This Type of Load Development for My .308WIN Bolt Rifle.
And, Yes it Works Great. Within a Specific Set of Limitations.
Not for High Power Loads or the Novice.
But, When Done Properly, Makes a .308 Sound Like a .22 Short!
Just a Lil Info from someone who's "Been There Done That".
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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