Local citizens and business respond with Good Works.

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    Our country Habitat For Humanity has started another new build. A local Plumbing Contractor came last week and looked over what we needed. When we went to work on the house today he had installed the sewer and water to the house and tied it into the City System. In addition he also ran the line with city hook-up to the lot we own next door. All the work was donated with the help of his church. All materials were donated by his material supplier. In addition a local lumber yard donated a new "stand up" screw gun with a case of screws. We laid down the floor sheathing today and what a pleasure not having to bend over and crawl around on hands and knees putting it down. The screws, in clips, load in a Magazine and all you do is pull the trigger ... kind of like shooting ..... lol

    Next the walls get framed ..... I like doing that ..... :D With enough help we will have all 3 air nailers running and they should go up fast.
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    Very nice, I always thought Habitat was one of the better charitable organizations

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    Its always good to help those less fortunate.