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I am a very long time collector of mainly long guns from CW era to 1WW era. Mainly rolling blocks, Sniders + era prototypes, Martini's and interesting Marlins and Winchesters. I love the older cartridge rifles and have many in 32-20, 44-40, 43 Spanish, 50-70 Gov and 45-70 Gov. I reload these and enjoy them at the range. I have several Marlins; M-39 Golden Mounty's, several older 39's and many other 22 and 22 WMR such as Ithaca M-72s, Mossberg Palomino's, and Iver Johnson Wagonmaster 22. some other marlins are very early 94 in 32-20 (no Rollmark) just the 32-20. Marlin in 357-38spl. Model 97 in 90% plus condition 1st year production. then al the other stuff, 4or 5 Colt lightning's, several dozen nice Mausers and what ever.
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