Losing a Friend and Fellow shooter to cancer

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by hombre243, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. hombre243

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    One of the remaining local LGS is selling out. One co-owner, Paul has cancer and is undergoing radiation and chemo. His condition is not good.

    I had a few minutes during work yesterday so I stopped in to the shop to see him and his partner filled me in. Paul will not be able to come back. His surgeries were major.

    The shop was not a big one but it was a good one. I made it a point to buy something every time I went there, even if it was a small item. Yesterday I could not find anything within my budget and the shelves were nearly empty of small items...blackpowder jags for instance. Finally after a year the shelves were full of different powders and I forgot my checkbook. He does not deal with credit cards.

    Well, I may make the trip in a few days when I am off. I need primers and powder so I might just get what I need...even if I cannot afford it. My small purchase won't stop the shop from closing but I have to make a gesture of some kind to let Paul and his partner know I am with them until the end.

    The sale of the business most likely won't be to another gun dealer. It will just be the sale of a good building in a bad part of town. But, one can only hope that the new owners will continue on as a new LGS.

    The closest gun shop now will be about 30 miles out. Another about 40 and the biggest, Scheels will be about 60 miles away in Iowa City. I am glad I drive my bus there every other week. It gives me access to Scheels and I don't have to pay for the gas.
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  2. Mauserhooked

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    That's too bad, hombre243. Your loyalty to the gun shop and to your friend are evident from your post. Acquaintances are fairly easy to find; good friends aren't.

  3. Gumpy

    Gumpy AKA Richard Prestage

    Sorry to hear about your friend, hombre. You can never tell what's gonna happen with cancer. He might beat it! Prayers going out for him.
  4. FOUR4D4

    FOUR4D4 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear Hombre
  5. rm_mdl60

    rm_mdl60 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear thst hombre. I love the mom and pop shops I really try to support the little guy when ever possible! Pass on the well wishes from the marlin community!
  6. greyhawk50

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    Sorry to hear about your friend. Not good news at all. I'm sure that you will do what you can.
  7. straightshooter

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    Hopefully a miracle will come his way. It does happen.
  8. LT2108

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    Sorry to hear, I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers
  9. Spoon

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    GOD's comforts to your friend hombre! I've been battling for 3 years now and it's a tough damn road to hoe. More to deal with all at once than even an old medic like me could understand when it's revealed. Prayers for your LGS man, his family and sincerest wishes for the best outcome possible!
  10. MattNH

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    As a colon cancer survivor, chemo sucks. If you can visit him during a treatment for 5 minutes do it. Take him a cup of coffee, bring a favorite book for him to read. The 5 minute visit will make a difference in both your lives.
  11. oldbrass

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    Sorry to hear about your friend, thoughts and prayers to friends and family
  12. hombre243

    hombre243 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Matt,
    I have several days off from work and will be in his town a couple of them...good idea. Thanks.