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Magazine Followers for Lever guns

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Found this on another forum. I needed to replace the plastic follower and though a bit expensive, the stainless steel follower I replaced the stock one with was well worth the money.
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Let's see the finished work...
Let's see the finished work...
Follow the link.
Stainless steel mag springs are very popular with SASS shooters. Moving guns from the house to the car an onto the range brings condensation that works its stuff inside the mag tube. Magazine tubes are catching on no matter if some say it does not look "proper" to them.
I must admit I don't like the SS mag tube look either. I keep my 1873s wiped and oiled inside and out.
The Marlin lever action benefits from a clean tube/follower because the operating cycle depends on the round being soundly pushed onto the elevator/lifter.
Let's see the finished work...
I just found the friggin pictures. In fact, I just found the "search" in Win10.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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