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Don't know about the Almanac but the moon is right. Just took the recycle stuff out and we have almost a full moon.
My Dad always said to plant sub-terrain plant in the dark of the moon. Plant things that grow above the ground in the light of the full moon.
Also said to set wooden fence post (4" or bigger) in the dark of the moon as well as install roofing shingles in the dark of the moon. We had a corner post that had worked out of the ground by 4"-6" over the years. It was a test of the theory and it was true. They claim the roofing shingles will turn up if installed in the light of the moon. Now they put tar strips on them to prevent this but the edges still turn up some. Some scarf at this old wise tail but I believe it to be true.
I wish you much success for your effort. May you have a bountiful harvest. ;)
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