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Ok Guy's/Gal's

I have been looking for a 44 Mag Lever Gun for about a month locally. Mainly at the only LGS that I do business with. I have not been able to find one, but did find a Henry H010 in 45/70 and this Marlin 1894CB45 45 Colt of coarse that I could not pass up. I absolutely Love this rifle and the Cowboy style. I am only 5' 5" tall so my LOP is very short to make a rifle comfortable I have to have my LOP at 12.5". First thing I did was take the stock off and shorten the LOP to my 12.5" and refinish it in wax. Love the feel of wood done in wax, it is warm to hold and just comfortable. Also due to my shortness I like a sling on my levers so I can manipulate the lever easier while on my shoulder and of course to help hold steady while off hand shooting. So for this rifle I had to buy another forend cap and a sling swivel that is machine screw threaded at 10-32. Found both on ebay easy enough but the end cap is expensive for what it is. The end cap was new old stock and was not blued, so I drilled and threaded it for the 10-32 threading. Bought some Red Loctite and put the swivel on it. Ground the excess thread of the swivel after Loctite it in. I then took a punch and flantend the last remaining extra thread on the inside of the forearm cap. Then cold blued it with Brownells Oxi-Blue.

I hate taking the forearm cap on these rifles off. I can never get that small screw started without a lot of trouble when putting the forend cap back on. In fact on this one I busted the screw head and had to find another screw for it. luckily I had one that was a little shorter but everything else was the same and worked well. Luckily. Mounted the rear swivel in the Butt Stock and all was set. I used a old belt that I had outgrew for my sling and walla all is grand and is perfect for the way I like my levers. I also bought a safety delete from Beartooth Mercantile. Great business. Replaced that safety with a saddle ring safety delete. Wrapped the lever with leather string that I use on most of my lever guns. Oiled up the leather wrap after install to keep the metal from rusting under the leather.

I bought some Williams FP top mount receiver sights for it, Love peep sights. So after I got the sights in I decided to keep the looks and liked the factory sight well enough that I have not put the Williams sights on it, and don't think I will. Love the way it shoots and looks. Well she is the perfect rifle for me now in style and comfort.

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