Marlin 1895GS in Africa ??

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by niclas, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Hello folks!
    If you went to Africa for a safari hunt, armed with a Marlin 1895GS 45-70Gov.
    What confidence would you have in this rifle/calibre in Africa and what game would you prefer to hunt?
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    Ya wanna know something...if I went to Africa, I would take my camera, and probably

    shoot a Lion, an Elephant, a Rhino, a Leopard, and maybe even a Cape Buffalo, any

    one of the Big Five...without spilling a drop of blood. Magnificent creatures like that

    are too majestic for me to even want to shoot them...I would be in awe !!


    Now...give me a herd of Sambar, Wildebeest (Gnu), Gemsbok, or Springbok and my favorite big bore and let me go to work....!!
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    That's a great call
    Although I would be tempted.
    I believe there is a big price tag on the "big 5"

    Cheers Bucky
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    Africa is soooo much more than big5..
    Many times when stalking for ex Kudu you need to be prepared for dangerous game as well. The resons for carrying a big caliber rifle are many.
    There are many examples that shows (statistics) that the elephant in many African countries actually still exists because of hunting activity, off course I'm relating to the "healthy hunting culture" that actually exists in Africa.
    Let's continue talk hunting guys!:)