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Marlin 1897 WTS/WTT

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I have a very good Marlin 1897? I am looking to sell for 1100.00 OBO or I am WTT for a higher end scope with exposed turrets and 6-25 power range like a vortex viper HS LR or others with exposed turrets and 30mm tube prefer first focal plane scope or a Remington 7mm-08 rifle looking for one with a 24" barrel in great shape.

You guys are the experts on these guns so tell me if I am way off or not.

According to serial number look up this gun was made or shipped in 1899?

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Not sure what it's value is but it sure is a pretty rifle.
Not doubt it's worth whatever two people can agree on.
Too rich for my blood.
Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.;)
My, what a beautiful rifle! I'll bet it has a perfect balance too!
Anyone interested in this gun? I am willing to lower cost some and or take some cash and a vortex viper HS-T 4-16x44 scope with moa reticle in trade. Vhs- 4309 is the sku.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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