Marlin 30AS/AW 30-30

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    I have the above rifle but the front sight is missing.
    No ramp, just a blade sight that fits in a 3/8" dovetail behind the front barrel band. I can't even order a replacement because the height of the front sight needs to be known.
    I need either the front sight or the height of the front sight measured from the bottom of the unit to the top. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. 2adad1974

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    Order a Marbles front bead. I’m on my 3rd one with a different height trying to get it to co witness with a Marbles full buckhorn rear. Not being ramp mounted makes it tough to know what fits and not enough people own them for their to be much info on the net about what works. I suspect most 30/30as/30aw models sold at WalMart and elsewhere were packaged with or immediately had mounted shitty see-through scope rings and cheap scopes. That’s how mine was set up when I bought it from a pawn shop
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