Marlin 336 16 1/4" barrel question

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    Hi I recently acquired a Marlin 336 with serial number first two digits of 26; I determined this indicates it is a 1974 vintage rifle. The barrel measures 16 & 1/4 inches, straight stock; the model is only 336 (no alpha characters after the 336). Has a ramp front sight. From the research I've done, I can't determine if this gun is an authentic, stock length barrel from Marlin or if the barrel has been shortened, which would mean this gun is not authentic. Attached are pictures of the firearm. Any help would be appreciated to help identified if this is an un-modified, original firearm or if the barrel has been altered.

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    Most probably a home made "Trapper". Other than the current 336 Youth Model, The only other modern 16 1/2" marlins were the now very scarce Marauder models. They were only made for two years in '63 & '64 and have a W, Y, or Z prefix on the ser. number.

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    On the short barreled Marlins that I have seen, there is a dovetailed post behind the front barrel band. It appears to me that you have the factory two hole ramp sight that was reattached after the 20" barrel was shortened.

    Still a good looking rifle though. I would love to have that steel Redfield receiver sight. Receiver sights are a good choice for short barreled rifles like that; a little more sight radius.