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Marlin 336/30-30 Accuracy

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Here's one for you 336 30-30 shooters: I am building low velocity reloads for the 3030 and I also load deer (hunting) loads. I have loaded some plated bullets at about 1550 fps and got unacceptable accuracy...50 yards, 3 inch group. I'm going to keep working on these. I know I can improve but I do not expect much from them.

But, I did fire some fair groups yesterday with 150 gr blems and some factory 150 flat points. I am wondering just how much accuracy can I expect from these leverguns?

MOA? Bigger or smaller groups? In general, is a lever gun capable of tight 100 yard groups and can I expect anything better than 2-3" at 100 yards?
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I've loaded for over 45 years and with only one exception have I ever varied from recommended loads. ( I exceeded the Hornady recommended power load for FTX Bullets but was still within the recommendations for other bullets of the same weight - after carefully checking my bullet to lands gap.)(Not something that I would recommend for someone else)
All of my load data manuals calls for the 30-30 to use a .308 bullet. That is what I would use. Better to error on the side of safety.
JMHO for what it's worth. The 30-30 is a hunting rifle and not known for it's extreme accuracy. 2" MOA at 100 yards is exceptional for a hunting rifle.
"It is what it is", enjoy it.
I want to use soft lead/copper plated, as soft as lead bullets. I always read lead bullets should be at least 1-2 thou bigger.
I've heard that also, but can't say for sure.
I've always loaded jacketed bullets at the upper range of velocity. My center fire rifle loads are for hunting and they punch paper (mostly) for sighting in or confirming zero. Don't know why I've always considered center fire rifles as a tool for hunting??? Could be the cost per round??
Most of my target shooting has been with shotguns (for clay birds), handguns (all types & sizes), black powder rifles and 22 rim fire rifles.

Now a days, with the cost/availability of ammo and my failing eye sight, the amount of my shooting has really been reduced.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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