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Marlin 336/30-30 Accuracy

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Here's one for you 336 30-30 shooters: I am building low velocity reloads for the 3030 and I also load deer (hunting) loads. I have loaded some plated bullets at about 1550 fps and got unacceptable accuracy...50 yards, 3 inch group. I'm going to keep working on these. I know I can improve but I do not expect much from them.

But, I did fire some fair groups yesterday with 150 gr blems and some factory 150 flat points. I am wondering just how much accuracy can I expect from these leverguns?

MOA? Bigger or smaller groups? In general, is a lever gun capable of tight 100 yard groups and can I expect anything better than 2-3" at 100 yards?
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3" at 100 would be good for round nose bullets. Even 3" at 50 is OK for MOD ( Minute of Deer ). What configuration are the Plated bullets ?

For 100 yards and under you might try some Heavier Bullets, They seem to do better at slower velocities, such as the 30-30 usually gives.

When I tried the Lever-Revalation Hornady rounds It did improve the groups. Maybe some like bullets in reloads would do the trick. Of course all guns are different, even same model i.e. Marlin 336. Yours may not like that plated bullet, and it could very well shoot great in another 336.
I also did some online researching and most responses say 2-3' @ 100 yards is acceptable, so if that's the case I will whittle the groups down and not be disappointed I can't get sub-MOA groups. Now that I had cataract surgery I am shootin one hole groups...ragged, but all touching, at 100 yds. with the Savage .308. I guess now I am spoiled, huh?

There is a reason a WHOLE LOT of people shoot the .308 in matches, ect. And a reason NOBODY shoots a 30-30 in the same. ......
My brother-in-law used the criteria of hitting an empty Scoal can at 50 yards with his dads 1957 Win 94. It worked for a lot of years and a lot of deer. The last 10 or so he has went to a .270 with optics, a pump Remington and 16X. And he has missed a few, as we all have .... ;)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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