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Marlin 336 question

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I was cleaning my 336 in .35 Remington and the bolt went all the way forward without the lever put in place first. I am unable to get the blot to the rear to put the lever back in. I was wondering if anyone had a problem like this before and can I avoid a trip to the gunsmith or should I just go.
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Yea that's what I was thinking....just want to see if anyone had any issues like this before.
Will do, thanks for the welcome
I'll give it a try and let u know how it works out. Thanks for the advice.
Just a quick update. I taped on the loading port side with a rubber mallet and the bolt slid right out with a little pressure from a wooden dowel. Great advice and saved me a trip tithe gunsmith. Thanks for the help!
Good picture 444hal. I guess that's why a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks for the help.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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