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Marlin 336CS project reboot

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In a recent thread, I posted about my completed Marlin 336 rifle/scope and sling combo. After weighing that combo on an older postal meter scale, I found out that portly combo weighed in at 8 and 7/8+ lbs.

After some consideration, and taking my hunting style into consideration ( I'm a stalk hunter, not a stand hunter ). I decided that a nearly 9 lb. 30-30 cal. Lever action rig was a bit too much to be hiking around with, on my shoulder, or at-the-ready all day with.

Air gun Trigger Sleeve Shotgun Everyday carry

Wood Metal Fashion accessory Dagger Copper

Grey Wood Font Electric blue Midnight

Air gun Trigger Sleeve Shotgun Gun barrel

So, after a little research, and some online price comparisons, I decided on a Leupold 2x7 VX Freedom scope, Weaver bases and ring combo. Also pictured is the military surplus silent sling attached. This combo netted me about a one half pound weight reduction, which is acceptable to me, consider that the Marlin by itself weighs a svelte 7.0 Lbs.

About the optics: yes, I lose out on the red dot feature of the Vortex 30 mm optic. On the plus side, the Leupold is a much better piece of glass, and at 7x magnification, I can comfortably stretch out my shooting range to 200 yards, about the practical range limits of a 30-30 cal. Carbine.

With more pleasant weather on its way, I plan to provide a range report shortly.

Considering I only have a hair over $700 into this whole rig, I'm very happy with the project. Hopefully I'll have an under 2 MOA shooter when all testing is done.
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