Marlin 375

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    I have a marlin 375 NIB from an estate sale. I have not found much info on the Marlins, just the Win 375. Where can I find info here about this nice little,
    (I hope) Shooter. Also what seems to be a reasonable price for them NIB. As I got it very economically. Or maybe just Cheap.
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    A lot of factors to consider what year is it? is it a marlin or Remington made factory?
    Before a fair price appraisal

  3. wsmrto

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    It is a Marlin, New and still in box with the docs and Accessories, hood, marlin sling hammer ext. Has no scratches or not even a primer ring on the boltface. Does have a Lyman peep mounted, but looks like done by a Gunny as not a scratch. Since they were only made between 1980--1983 I am sure it is not a Remlin. SN is2006809X so the year made is 1980. Since I had a Win 375 about 25 years ago and sold it, I have been looking for a replacement.
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