Marlin 39-M Need info Please

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    [​IMG]I bought this Rifle last Sunday from a friend that bought it new in 1975 . He said he may of shot it but don,t remember . I have little use for it so I need an idea of the value . My wife does not like firearms I the home .
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  2. FOUR4D4

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    I would say about $500
  3. Gumpy

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    That's a pristine rifle. I would agree with FOUR on the value. You could get more if you lucked out on someone who wanted it really bad.
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    If you go to GunBroker click on advanced then input gun description and click ended auctions in last 30-60 days. Then put Marlin 39m in description. If any have been in auctions they will show up. If it has 0 bids then that means it didn't sell. If it has an amount and a number of bids that is what it sold for. Good way to price guns.
    One sold for $775 Marlin golden M39. It has the gold trigger. 22LR used. It looks like this gun was relisted several times before it sold.
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