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Marlin 39A age

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I have a Marlin 39A that my Dad won for selling the most shotgun shells at the wholesaler where he worked when I was a kid. I am 72 now. The serial number is J3437. Could anyone tell me when it was made. I'd appreciate it.
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Looks like 1951. Hope that helps.
And, welcome to the forum.
I have J as 1952.
your rifle was made in 1951.
welcome to the forum, I bet that you have a lot of memories with that .22
Go to this site, type J in the box for 1948 and newer.
is the serial number located under the lever because my 39-A has c 3991 under the lever but i cant find it on any website
I believe this to be correct since it came from Marlin. Look at all the links. click on the link on post #9.
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