Marlin 410 Deluxe...rare???

Discussion in 'General Marlin Discussion' started by mcclary1, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. mcclary1

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    My dad has a Marlin 410 deluxe with the checkered stock. I can't seem to find a firm value anywhere. I believe it was made around 1930. I've seen some go at auction for around $4000. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. PAHunter

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    Not familiar with the 410 Deluxe. But Marlin had a Stockholders 410 lever action they gave out to share holders in the company in the 30's. That is worth a few bucks but not $4K worth???

  3. mm93

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    The standard Marlin Model 410 will usually go around $1500-$2,000 if it's in excellent condition. I'd guesstimate a similar deluxe would bring 25%-50% more. Can't really base a value on one auction that goes really high; anymore than you could base it on one auction that went really cheap.