Marlin 57M

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by Marlindude, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Marlindude

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    Just stopped by the local pawn shop, they have a 57M for $575. They are willing to go down to $500.
    It has a what use to be a peep sight fixture, no sight. What do you think about the drilled receiver ? It has a cheap scope installed , that doesn't matter tho. The original rear sight us missing. The stock is in very good condition.
    Any thoughts guys?
    I don't see these very often , I have the Marlin 56.
  2. MattNH

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    I have a Marlin 56 as well and love it. There is a 57M at a LGS for $350, they won't budge on price. I've seen it there six months, although I haven't been there in 2 or so. There was a better condition 57M in a silent auction. I bid $250 and it went for $300+15% buyer premium. Those were the only 2 I ever saw.

    I have a single six with both the 22LR and the magnum cylinders, but that's the only thing in 22 Mag I have. I didn't really need another caliber rifle at $15+/box of 50 to shoot.

    So, I think $500 is steep, but I don't have to have one.

    To be devil's advocate, do you really, really, really want it? If so, how many have you seen besides this one? Assuming, you're getting a regular paycheck and not retired, you will make more money, but they aren't making any more Marlin 57Ms.