Marlin 60 and CCI Mini-Mags

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by Mauserhooked, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Mauserhooked

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    I've got an older (1972) Marlin Glenfield 60 but have never shot anything other than standard velocity .22 ammo in it. Do any of you shoot the CCI mini-mags? I assume that the action can handle the CCI mini-mag ammo ok...
  2. hombre243

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    Any standard or high velocity ammo will be ok. But, the hyper vel stuff like Stingers and Aguila super hyper (1750fps) can damage the recoil buffer. The buffers are available, last time I looked, at MidwayUSA for about $9.00 each.

    Mine just loves the cci hi vel stuff. And I used to have a different 60 years ago that was a nail driver with Stingers. I never damaged a recoil buffer but a friend of mine who had (model # ?) a Marlin semi auto that looked like a carbine length 60 cracked his buffer in half. But he beat his up over many years of shooting. Have is repairable. In fact you might want to check the buffer anyway. My friend's rifle worked perfectly until he decided to clean it one day and the buffer fell apart in his hand.

    You may want to order an extra to have on hand just in case.

  3. SWO1

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    My 15 year old 60 like everything I put thu it. Shoot CCI SV the best. They make nice groups at 50 yards and Kill Squirrels and Rabbits. Next best seemed to be Blazers for HV. I mostly shoot the HV stuff in my revolvers.
  4. greyhawk50

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    You are correct with your assumption. Give it a try and share the range report. :))
    I shoot everything except hyper-velocity thru my mod. 60. It likes them all. Hypers will damage the recoil buffer over time. However, the mod. 60 is the only 22 rifle that I have right now and I have 1200 rounds of CCI Stingers stashed just in case. If the SHTF, I will certainly break it out of storage if needed.
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  5. Mauserhooked

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    Thank you all, Gentlemen. I knew I would get some good info on my question. Y'all have a fine day!
  6. wingnuut

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    all I can get in my area is the cci mini mags just bot 900 rnds.