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Have an old Model 60 and want to upgrade that 1960s squirrel gun look for something more modern without harming the gun itself? A Muzzlelite Bullpup stock may be just what you are looking for.


Bullpup designs have been around since the 1900s, take the magazine and action of a semi-automatic rifle, and place it behind the trigger, making the overall length of the rifle shorter. The Muzzlelite Bullpup stock for the Marlin Model 60 does this in a dramatic way. By relocating the trigger ahead of the action and almost under the barrel, the stock drops the overall length of a modified M60 from 37 -inches to 26 inches, shaving off almost a foot. This makes the modified rifle easier to transport, store, and carry while making it less likely to snag or get in the way if it accompanies the shooter on a hunting trip in dense brush for squirrel or rabbit.


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The only tools advertised, as being required for the installation of the stock by the manufacturer is a set of Allen hex wrenches. Of course, the stock is all molded plastic with several deformations and will almost always have to be custom-fitted to mount your properly to your rifle. This may require a Dremel tool, sandpaper/blocks, and an exacto-knife to accomplish. Overall, one person from closed box to finished rifle could accomplish the installation process in an afternoon.


A quick and simple internet search will find you the Muzzlelite available from Amazon, Bullpup Stock Guns Mounts plus as well as others. There are a few bones on contention with the stock. First, it's made of what seems to be a low end molded plastic of the same sort as airsoft guns and toy rifles are made of. Second, about the best price for these is about $130 for a new one. Third, there seems to be some issues that arise from the stocks when installed in relation to the replacement trigger system being on the buggy side. In addition, it makes left-handed shooters, already put out by the bolt placement on the standard Model 60, even more so due to the handling characteristics of the new stock.

If you can find another bull pup-style stock for less that does more buy it, however with that being said...the muzzlelite is a monopoly in this niche so you need either to take it or leave it. Overall, the Muzzlelite Bullpup Stock for the Marlin Model 60 gives your gun a much more tactical look and a tactical price, but without the benefits of actually being tactical.
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