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Brand new condition in box - $150+
New with no box - $140
Very good, very minor blemishes or marks - $125
Good condition, a few marks/scratches, maybe a little surface rust (very little) - $90 to $110 (depending on amount of rust)
Poor, but still fires, surface rust with minor pitting, stock in ok condition - $70 to $80
Bad conditon - Lots of rust, pitting, gouges and alot of wear in stock - $50 to $60
Bad and not firing - $30 to $40

In any condition, if the gun is not firing take $50 to $75 off the price for repairs.
Remember, an old gun that doesn't fire is still worth the $ for parts if the price is right.

I'm cheap :p
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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