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Marlin 60 tactical mod

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I am looking for info and pics from anyone that has modified their model 60 be it tactical or bull pup or whatever. I am going to attempt my own tactical mod using various parts from AR15 or whatever I can find that works. just trying to see what others have done for inspiration and guidance.
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I'm pretty sure I've seen one stuffed into an air rifle bull pup stock. It was quite an operation. I think it was at you tube, you search it and see.

Oh looky here a bull pup stock:

And this ATI:
Thanks for the links. I am thinking about getting a Plastic stock and cutting it down and adding a collapsable stock, adding anFAL forend and a bipod fore grip. Doing a true mod and. OT just stuffing it into an Airsoft frame
While the 60 is great on several levels, the availability of aftermarket stocks is limited...
Boyd's Riflestocks has the best selection of Laminates, and occasionally they'll do the Tactical version for the 60.

The Marlin 795 lends itself to tactical mods far easier...and looks better in them due to having a box mag instead of a tube ;)

That being said, check out the Well P90 airsoft stock...many folks have fit 1022's & 795's in 'em...wouldn't be that much more work for a 60 ;)
Duster and shrek, thanks for the help. I have started the mod, got most of the parts needed and will have it together soon. Pics will follow. The rifle will have,

Pic rails on sides and under forend with an AFG.
Scope or Red dot with micro
collapsable stock, maybe foldable too.
flash hider

I will keep ya'll posted.
Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum Spud09 !!

...lookin' forward to pics of this project !
Thanks for the welcome. I am looking forward to finishing and posting the pics.
Modification is done!!! Now time to go have some fun with my newest toy.

Machine gun Air gun Wood Trigger Shotgun

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Shotgun Gun barrel

Air gun Trigger Wood Machine gun Shotgun

Machine gun Air gun Wood Trigger Shotgun

Office supplies Tints and shades Office equipment Magenta Cylinder

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Gun barrel

Trigger Bumper Bicycle part Air gun Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Picture frame

Flash hider is from Brownell's, slip on. Had to do some grinding on the bottom to allow the barrel feed tube to slide out.
ATI stock with the back cut off and a collapsible stock installed on a Kel Tec mount ($20 from Kel Tec) with some modification.
Picatinny rails on forend sides and bottom with AFG grip. Getting a bipod in future.
DIP trigger
UTAC 2.5-10X40 scope on a UTG weaver to Picatinny.

I cut the feed tube by 1.5 inches to allow more room for the flash hider. I just have to get a couple of black encap nuts to cover the Kel Tec mount bolts. All in all, had fun doing it.

Now I am looking for a Marlin 795SS to do the same thing but I think I want to put a FAL style forend and shorten the barrel.


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That looks Tacticool Spud9 . I'm looking to get the 795 to modify. Nice pics and good job. Let us know how it feels and shoots!
Interesting...I didn't know about that Keltec mount!! :)

Looks like a Fun Project!! How's it shoot??
I haven't had it to the range yet, But holding it feels good, balanced and not too heavy. I did fire off a couple of shots in my shop.. that felt Nice!!! I really like the DIP trigger, crisp.
Where did you get the collapsible stock mount?
I see you figured it out.. Kel Tec SU16 collapsable stock mount. It will take some finageling to get it right and a few spacer washers... Have fun...
Will post pics of my rendition (hopefully) after Christmas.
I look forward to seeing the work. Keep a journal as you go and string us on, from base rifle to finished product and all the work inbetween. We love pics.
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