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Marlin 60w part ID

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I have a Marlin mod 60w That stopped firing the other day on me. I took it apart and there is a plastic piece that sits just above the the trigger in the reciver the was crumbled into bits. What is the name of the part so i can get a replacement? Any help would be great thank you.
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Would you have any pictures of the part? i have a diagram of parts but it doesnt state if ther plastic
Sorry its the best pics i can do. It is the only part not black in the pics is what i am after. Thanks fellas for the help.


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Lots of good pictures and instructions at these links. Lots of potential for everything going pear shaped if you're not careful.

If you have trouble changing your watch battery or if your toolbox consists of a pair of slip-joint pliers, two screwdrivers and a claw hammer, your should find someone to do it for you.

If you have a bit of finesse, it's really a pretty easy part to change out.
Thanks for helping a brother out :)
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