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  1. SemperFi

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    I got the marlin 795 for Christmas and i got a scope rail put on it. I use it for squirrel hunting and target shooting should i get a red dot sight or a scope? I have trouble seeing the iron sights so i have to upgrade them. What do you think?
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    Hey ya SemperFi; Welcome to the Marlin Forum. Glad to have you here. Feel free to join in the fun. Pretty friendly group around here.

    Either should work well for squirrels, depending on your likes. I have a 3X9 scope on my model 60. Works better for shooting targets. I have tried Red Dots and prefer a Holographic Reflex over the Tube Type Red Dot. Keep in mind that a Red Dot will most likely totally cover the Bulls Eye on most any target even at 25 yards. Makes getting the best groups difficult.

  3. MattNH

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    For the money, take a look at the Simmons 22 Mag scopes. There are 4x fixed and 3-9x variable versions in both silver and matte black. They come with rings. I have bought them from Amazon.

    Another option are Tech Sights. They are GI type peep sights that mount to the dovetail groove on the receiver and replace the front sight ramp. Purchased from Tech sights direct.

    I have a Simmons 4X on a Marlin 60SB, a Simmons 3-9X on a Marlin 80G, Tech Sights on a Marlin 70 and a Model 60 that has the internals and stock from a Marlin 995.

    I personally do not like red dot optics.

    Post pictures!
  4. SemperFi

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    What do you think? I also ordered a holographic reflex red dot for it

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    I am curious how do you handle the cheek weld? Will you add some sort of riser to the stock?

    Last night, I put a scope on my brand new 795 and even with the low rings, I'm finding the scope too high. Oh, I put a cheap Pursuit scope on mine and while is seems to work, I am not enamored. I'm thinking tech sights will keep the sight line lower. But that is not going to produce the same results as a magnified scope.