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Marlin 93 .22 rimfire tube magazine spring replacement- need help!

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My Step Dad's model 93 .22 rimfire has been missing the magazine tube spring and follower since his dad had it many years ago. I purchased a generic .22 spring and follower that seems to be the correct diameter and can be cut to length.

The 93 has an unusual set up where the outside tube is the one that slides out and reveals the .22 cartridge loading port in the inner tube. With the entire tube assembly removed from the gun I can slide the spring in but I assume that the spring must be attached to the metal plug with the hole in it at the far end as shown in the picture. How would I attach the spring to that plug? (a screw goes through that plug to fix the tubes to the barrel, and it has a hook that latches with a plug on the end of the outer tube to keep the outer tube locked in place). There is no slot or hole for the spring end to hook on. I think the plug is too tight of a fit in the inner tube to get an unwound end of the spring to go between the tube and spring? Can anyone show me how this goes and stays in place?

Perhaps it would be more obvious if I separated the two tubes but the outer tube is lightly crimped on to the inner tuber so I hate to take that apart if I can avoid it, though I could probably re-crimp them if needed.

Thanks for any advice or resources you can offer! I'd love to get this done and surprise my step dad before he returns from Florida. :)

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Are you sure your marlin is not a 39 instead of a 93. My tube mag is something like yours. I have a 1897 marlin. There are some videos on how things fit together i believe on rimfirecentral.. I believe a gentlemen shows how take his mag tube apart on his 1892, which has the same set up. I have never taken mine apart cause i know how fragile they are and almost impossible to repair. Just to add i believe they sell a replacement kit through Numrich or Browells that is basically like the 39a tube setup. You will lose the original look of yours but the new modern tube will at least along your gun to operate.
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