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Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by bhale187, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. bhale187

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    This is my Dad's old Model 99 M1 squirel gun. He gave me all his guns to hold for awhile during a move. After he got moved back in and I returned all his guns he told me to go ahead and keep this one. Great family heirloom, alot of memories of hunting and target shooting this gun with Dad.

    It's a dead on shooter, I had to polish the feed ramp a couple times, and replaced the magazine tube assembly once. It's got thousands and thousands of rounds down the pipe and still spits em out right where you aim.

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  2. SHOOTER13

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    Good looking rifle...gotta love Marlin .22's !!

  3. axxe55

    axxe55 Well-Known Member

    the action resembles the M60 in appearance. very good looking rifle!
  4. bhale187

    bhale187 Active Member Supporting

    Yep. the model 99 was the predecessor to the 60, very similar in alot of the design
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  5. duster066

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    I think my brother had one of those when we were kids. I got a M60 and he got what pops called a little M1. I know it was a Marlin and I'm sure I remember it had a tube magazine. Where these things available new in the late 60s?
  6. bhale187

    bhale187 Active Member Supporting

    Best I've been able to find from researching it was that they only made them from about 1958 or 1959 until 1961. I've read some conflicting info on that though, so I couldn't say for sure.
  7. Hyphenated

    Hyphenated Well-Known Member

    They sure look like an M1 carbine. Neat looking little rifle.
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  8. 28Shooter

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    I always thought they were neat little rifles. Those things just say fun afternoon plinkin' cans.
  9. FOUR4D4

    FOUR4D4 Well-Known Member

    She's a looker for sure,just lose the see thru mounts.
  10. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 Well-Known Member

    I had one of those many years ago. Sweet little rifle. After seeing this one, I'll have to add it to my wish list.
  11. Ac_Man1962

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    It was a copy of the M1........ I found one a few months ago at a gun show.... Paid too much for it but hard to find them down south... Mine is a 99M1 (1973).... They were made from 1965-1978.......
  12. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    The 99M1 was made from 1966-1979, according to my books :)
    It is an Old-Style 60 action, so older 60 & 99/99C parts exchange.
    All benefit from the Feed Throat Upgrade, once they start giving you trouble.
    Replace the recoil/hammer springs first with a J&P Springs kit ;)
  13. bhale187

    bhale187 Active Member Supporting

    Great info, thanks for sharing!
  14. ErnieKY

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    They are neat little rifles. I have one I got at a pawn shop. The action was so nasty that I didn't think it would even fire but it cycles just fine. I had the scrape all gunk out of the action, I don't think it had ever been cleaned. They also offered the 989M2 which was the same rifle with a stick magazine instead of the tube.
  15. bhale187

    bhale187 Active Member Supporting

    I wouldn't mind getting ahold of on that takes a detach mag instead of the tube. Out of curiousity, how much did they want for it?
  16. kybeagle

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    My copy of Marlin's 1964 catalog shows the "NEW" 99M1 carbine complete with leather sling and 24K gold plated trigger for the outlandish sum of $49.95. I've always thought this was one of Marlin's neatest rifles and they are still in demand today.
  17. oafdawg

    oafdawg Member

    I have a 99M1 "Marlin 60th Anniversary" model I got for Christmas back in the late 60's. It's got a gold medallion in the stock and a gold plated trigger. I would wager that there's been over 30,000 rounds of .22LR fired through that little gun. As a youth I'd roam the mountains in Warren Co. PA with it plinking and shooting porcupines and chipmunks. Some weekends I'd burn up 4 - 5 100 rnd. boxes of MiniMags having fun. I was always begging my dad for a couple of bucks for more ammo. I've had a few feed problems with it, but 99% have to be attributed to bad ammo. I still have it, banged up and battered, but it still functions beautifully!
  18. Domino300

    Domino300 Member


    I had a 99M1 as a teen in the 1960's. Very accurate rifle with every type ammo. For some reason, I traded it for a 10/22 which wasn't accurate, so I traded it for a 989M2 which I still have today. This one was not as accurate with HP ammo, but was with solids. I'll never get rid of it.:p
  19. Trektoy2

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    I just picked up my 3rd 99m1 at a police auction, paid 85.00 for it. This one did not have the rear site so I need to find one. Luckily the other two do have there's.
  20. Domino300

    Domino300 Member

    Good deal, found 2 99M1's on Gunbroker for 175 & 190 bucks.

    There's a complete rear sight listed on Gunbroker for $100, but I wouldn't pay that. :eek: