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that email has been floating around for several years now, as has been the rumour that George Soros has some type of ownership of these companies. it was debunked a long time ago as an internet myth.

these companies depend on us as consumers to buy their products in order to make revenue that in turn is made into profits. the very idea that they would allow someone who has a strong anti gun agenda to run or own their operations which could affect their bottom line in profits is laughable.

this myth just keeps popping up from time to time, updated to look current. i recieved one myself four or five years ago as spam email. i read it and deleted it. it also has been discussed on other forums for quite awhile. IMO, it isn't anything other than pure hogwash! everytime i have seen it before and when asked for verification and source on where the information is coming from, it usually stops there with no sources or validation as to authenticity.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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