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Marlin Model 25MN Stock

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Hi, Not sure if this is right place to post this, but I recently purchased a Marlin Model 25MN .22 Mag. for very Cheap, due to the fact someone had sawed off the butt of the stock. I also own a Marlin Model 25N .22. I started searching for a stock and found that Numrich Gun Parts did not have any wooden stocks for my 25MN. I had taken my 25MN apart and tried it in the stock for my 25N and it fit perfectly, therefore I started searching on Numrich for a Model 25N stock. I made quite a few calls to them and also sent emails and posted on their forums, and purchased the schematics for both firearm. Neither schematic showed my firearms. Both of my models have a bolt up thru the center of the stock to hold the barrel in place but also the front screw hole for the trigger guard is a thru hole and a bolt also goes up thru the stock there and threads into the firearm. Today I received the stock I ordered which is Item #1137500A. This stock fit perfectly with the exception that I need to drill the front trigger guard hole larger and thru the stock. These guns are the newer Model 25's, which is identified by the fact that the safety is pushed forward to be placed on fire. I hope this may help someone else in trying to identify which stock to purchase.
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Good detective work! Welcome to the forum!!!
This guy is Quincy and McGuiver wrapped into one dude... Awesome info.
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