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Marlin Model 49 shotgun

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I just picked up a Marlin Model 49 shotgun in trade. I cannot find out much info about this shotgun. The info I found online says it was part of a give away when buying stocks and it should not be shot??? The serial number is A2171
What is it worth?? I think this is a take down model.
Any info or links to a manual would be greatly appreciated.
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The Marlin Model 49 is an exposed hammer, pump action shotgun that was made from 1928 to 1930. I don't have an exact production estimate, and the estimated number...3,000 merely speculation. The true exact number of Model 49's produced is not known.

The Model 49 was not a cataloged item, and was presented as a stock promotion gun. A person had to buy 4 shares of stock at $25.00 per share to receive a gun from Marlin. There were a number of other guns offered during this promotion, and some were much more popular than the Model 49.

There are no records for this time period at Marlin, so there is no way of knowing how many Model 49's were produced.

Some say...the Model 49 was actually made up of parts left over when Frank Kenna took over the Marlin Company. The takedown system was the old style system that was changed to a newer and better style with the Model 24 in 1908. The hang fire safety release was the later style introduced in about 1914.


As far as your question on answers by searching gun auction companies like Gun Broker...Guns America...Gun Auction...Arms see current prices according to condition.

Good Luck in your search...
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