Marlin Model 57 .22 Magnum

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    I am looking at a Marlin Model 57 in .22 Magnum. It has a three digit serial number on it. 773 I believe. The stock is not varnished and there is no white spacer between wrist cap and stock.
    The rifle is in beautiful condition but the unvarnished stock bothers me. It is very smooth. Did
    they make these with stocks like this? He is asking $575.00 for it. Any info on this is really
    appreciated. Thanks.
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    Levermatic: Model 57 is 22LR and Model 57M is 22 Magnum - otherwise look the same. Aluminum or steel receiver? Steel (later 57M) is concave, aluminum (early 57M) is convex. It should be a walnut stock, is there a bullseye? Spacer at the cap may have been removed, or just cracked and fell out, either way it can be replaced. I've seen 2 model 57 (22LR) come up for sales locally in the past 2-3 years and they went for $350-$400 which I thought was high.

    I recently picked up a first year (1955) steel receiver, serialized box magazine style Model 56, 22LR without the magazine for $250. I offered $300 if the guy could find the original 7 round factory mag. It goes with my Dad's un-serialized 1955 Model 56. My dad's Model 56, which he bough in a hardware store for $40 in the early 60's is in my possession and is a very accurate rifle. I shot a 237 score for Rifleman with it at an Appleseed and again used it in a Winterseed to shoot the score. It is not generally picky on ammo, some groups better than others, and I actually get the best accuracy out of it with CCI quiet.

    For me personally, $575 seems high, but they aren't making them anymore, it a fine rifle and the market is what someone is willing to pay.

    Best article of the Levermatics:

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    Thank you for all the information. It really is a nice rifle but I think
    I will look for one at some gun shows. Happy New Year!