Marlin Model 60 Day at the Range

Discussion in 'General Marlin Discussion' started by enduroguy, Sep 24, 2012.

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    So last Thursday I took the Model 60 to the Range to sight in my new scope.

    By the time I left, I was hitting 2 inch groups and had a blast. I also took my AR15 but I have to confess, the Marlin is more "fun" to shoot.

    I was using the Federal Bulk 550 pack found at Walmart. Not ONE single FTF or FTE. She was flawless and smooth as silk.
    But I do keep her clean to the nth degree. I always break her down and clean her thoroughly after use. So she rewards me with flawless shooting sessions.

    I also got to try out my Spee-D-Loader. Worked great. It holds 8 full pre-loads so that's about 112 rounds. It takes about 4 seconds to reload with that thing. I like it.

    I had a Marlin Model 60 for about 20 years but it slipped away in a divorce. I'm glad to have one back in the "arsenal". While it's not exactly the same, it's close enough to satisfy me.

    Well, that's my Marlin Model 60 report for now.
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    Yeah I really enjoy shooting mine too!