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My good ole Marlin has been jamming, bought it used and it jammed because it hadn't been cleaned in 30 years, cleaned her up and it worked great, until one time it starting jamming almost every round, casing would be turned butt out, blocking the next round from chambering, resulting in several minutes of having to take it apart or just wiggling the mangled case out, I guess the ejector wire could be messed up, but I've done the "Nickel trick" and it seems fine, anything else that can cause Model 60's to jam? I've tried various different ammo, it even jams CCI stingers. Thanks!

Please replace your bolt guiderod spring. When the spring is removed let's say for cleaning it eventually bends throwing off the timing of the bolt. You will get alot of stock cases between the bolt and receiver as the bolt closes . replacing the bolt return spring should clean that problem up.
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