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Marlin Model 60

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I'd like to upgrade the stock on my model 60 and when looking on eBay, some are for the "New Style" and some are not. How do I know if mine is the old or new style?
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What year is your model 60? Take the first 2 digits of the serial number and subtract from 100 and you have year. Example s/n 26xxxxxx = 1974, s/n 15xxxxx = 1985, s/n 02xxxxxx = 1998 and s/n 98xxxxxx = 2002.

I am aware of 3 different style model 60 stocks, old trigger guard style, new trigger guard style and new trigger guard style with last shot hold open.

Give us more information of what you have and the stocks you are looking at.

Correct 1982.

That stock will work fine. In my experience with 1 synthetic stock, it may require light fitting/filing to get everything together, but it will work.

What's wrong with the original stock?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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