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The post dated February 16, 2015, by Christopher Eger titled "Marlin Model 90: The New Haven Double Barrel," while well written contains some incorrect information.

Marlin resumed making Model 90's after WWII in 1945 with letter prefixes in the serial number to indicate the year made. (I have a D-serial number Model 90 that was made in 1947.) According to Brophy on his book on Marlin Fireams published in 1989 by Stackpole Books, Marlin stopped production of the double trigger version in 1957. They stopped production of the single trigger model in 1959 but continued to sell them from inventory until 1963. No records exist for the actual number of Model 90's made prior to 1952.

Brophy estimated about 15,000 double trigger Model 90's were sold between 1937-1942. He wrote that 10,934 DT's were sold between 1952-1957. He provided no estimate of the number of DT's sold between 1945 and 1952. Brophy stated that 8,191 single trigger Model 90's were sold between 1953-1963.

The Blue Book of Gun Values also provides some wrong information. The blue book states that Model 90's made after 1949 have a solid rib between the barrels, and those made prior to 1949 are open between the barrels. I have 16 model 90's and ALL of my model 90's made in 1949 and later are OPEN between the barrels, while all of my Model 90's made prior to 1949 have closed barrels.

The Model 90 combos, introduced in 1939, are very rare and
the .22LR/.410's are now selling for over $1,500 depending on condition. A .22Hornet/.410 sold for over $3,000 on Gunbroker and a .30-.30/20 ga. recently sold for $3,500 on GB. I was told by an individual who owns several Model 90 combos that a .218Bee/.410 sold for much more than that in a private sale.
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