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Found a model 99 today in good original condition. I read in the Blue Book that the 99 was a Promotional Model in late 50s to early 60s. Is this a collectible model and what is a fair price?

Thanks for any feedback!

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Historically, there were also other versions that were sold:

  • Marlin Model 99 and 99DL - this was the first version of the Model 60, offered in a walnut stock, 1959 to 1961
  • Marlin 99G - Very similar to the 60
  • Model 99M1 - styled to resemble the US Army M1 carbine, with eighteen-inch barrel, handguard, barrel band, nine-shot magazine even with the end of the stock, and receiver sight mounted on the scope grooves.
  • Model 989M2 - styled like the 99M1, but with a box magazine.
  • Glenfield Model 99G - precursor of the Model 60G.

As far as value...check current prices by searching gun auction sites such as:
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