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Hey guy's I have a Marlin 990 .22lr that I've owned since either 1980 or 81, I can't remember for sure which year. According to the serial numbers on the receiver it's a 1979 year production. I have shot it very,very little since I've owned it,it's sad to say on my part, but I'm guessing I've only put maybe 200 rds through it in all these years. To me it's in very good condition, I would almost say excellent condition, but some might question excellent, I'm no gun expert lol.

I got it from my Dad, he was always trading guns or what ever back then, 1980 or 1981 I had mentioned to him I'd like to have a semi-auto .22lr because all I had at the time was a bolt action single shot .22 that I got in my early teens. It was not long my Dad came up with the Marlin 990 .22lr , and said he would trade me for the single shot .22lr I had, because his plan was to give the single shot .22 to my Grandpa.

Ok there's a little bit of history on how I got the 990, now like I mentioned this little .22 is in very good condition except for one thing I've noticed about the grip area on the butt stock, it has the checkering with the little oak leaves on both sides of the grip, it's worn like you would imagine years of wear toward the bottom of the checkering on both sides, and that wear is not from me handling it, because most of it's life with me was in the gun case. It seemed odd to me that as good of condition the rifle is in that would be that worn looking, and since it was only roughly two years old before I got it. I could not imagine anyone wearing that down that quick unless they was shooting it everyday for two years. The barrel, inside receiver and everything thing else shows very little use to me.

I got to thinking about it and was wondering could it just be a defect when they stamped on the checkering, because I assume that's what they do,stamp it with a die and then it was just passed through on inspection ? Have any you ever seen or heard of this on other Marlin wooden stocks ? I'll try and get some pics up here soon to show you all what I'm talking about.

Sorry for the long post.

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